Chris Dove – Owner

The commitment to service and uptime began during his time in the U.S. Army where he received numerous awards and medals for maintaining equipment at 100% readiness for battle or movement. Twenty years of experience in lift trucks, docks & doors and batteries & chargers couple with that to create the vision for Complete Forklift Repair, LLC. As Chris says, “Customer service is our specialty and we happen to work on forklifts.


Todd Akers – Master Technician

Our second twenty-year man, Todd has a wealth of experience on various machinery from the farm to the warehouse and backs it up with machining and mechanical engineering degrees to boot. The ability to go into the roughest application and see through to the clearest and most efficient repairs and best service to our customers make Todd a go-to man. And his ability to provide the best beef in Kentucky from his Big Oak Farm is an added bonus during barbecues.